ECO Ram Preformers and Extruders

A rubber Preformer is an ideal solution for the preparation of
highly accurate blanks (or preforms) for compression moulding.
Its main benefit is to improve part quality, increase production
speed and to reduce rejects and waste material.
It is a reliable and proven technology and has been adopted
successfully by hundreds of rubber factories throughout the

Gear Pump Preformers and Extruders

The Gear Pump Preformer is a fully automated and highly advanced screw extruder with gear pump technology, specifically designed to provide high levels of control and processing flexibility.
The range is ideal for the preforming or extrusion of almost any form of rubber compound.

VibraCool Spiral Cooling Conveyors

The VibraCool is a space and time-saving spiral cooling conveyor that has been specifically developed for the effective cooling, separation and drying of hot rubber parts produced on preformer or extruder.

Spin Trim Deflashing Machine

The Spin Trim provides automated deflashing for small batch production of rubber products. It is a simple and cost-effective method, and can be used as a single process operation or as a cost reducing first stage before cryogenic deflashing for excessive flash.